Why Do We Do It

Fun Fact

There are 47 steps that we go through to get you a personalized wood fired pizza. Often for a morning event, our alarm goes off at 3:45 a.m. and we begin setting up for the Newmarket Farmers’ Market at 5:00 a.m.

So why do we do it?

These may be the most peaceful couple of hours that we have of the entire week. 

The sound of the birds chirping, the silence as most of the rest of the world sleeps, the crisp morning air, the smell of the wood burning in our copper oven, the sound of Gordon Lightfoot’s classic, Early Morning Rain…the simplicity…the quiet time…it makes for such a tranquil beginning to the day.

All of it.

We really enjoy seeing two local gentlemen come by every Saturday morning as we are setting up. There is so much history, knowledge, and common sense to be learned from Ed and Norman! Together, we try and solve the challenges of the world before going about our morning.

…and then the anticipation begins to build.

“I just came back from Italy after being there for 3 weeks on business. I was all over the country! I love pizza and had it in some of the most popular Italian restaurants, as well as local, family-run cafes.

By chance, I popped in for a quick beer and pizza at Old Flame with some business colleagues. Mulberry’s pizza is as good as ANY pizza that I have had anywhere in Italy. It really is!”


Oakville, Ontario

As everything comes together and we are set up for a ‘crazy busy’ morning, we start to get that rush of excitement as we see our customers begin to come through the gates. Our teams looks forward to writing that first order, seeing the first pizza made, and watching it come out of the oven. The smell is simply fabulous!

Robin is often the first person that we see heading straight to our booth to buy her Breakfast Pizza...every single Saturday!

We love seeing Lucas and his mom, Zach, his wife and their new baby, Jay-Jay, Darcy, Michelle and their little boys, Laurie and her Terry Fox Foundation walking group.

We look forward to seeing J.P. after a ‘quick’ 30 km early-morning ride to get his pizza. It never gets old seeing Jackie Playter buzzing around the market, stopping to chat with so many people, and seeming to know everyone!

THIS is why we do it!

...and then there was a new man who started coming by to see us at the market. After a few weeks of seeing him on Saturday mornings, we got to know him a bit. His name was Frank.

It was about 3 weeks in when he casually said, “You know, we come all the way up from Vaughan JUST to get your pizza.” Tim replied, “Come on…really?” Frank responded enthusiastically, “Ya, it’s true. My daughter and I come up here every Saturday. It has become our thing to do together!”

THAT is why we do this…for our loyal customers, for the new people that we meet, like Frank and his daughter, for the kids that beg their parents to come for our pizza, and for the new people from all over the place – Brampton, Mississauga, Markham, Oakville, Barrie – all over!

We cannot get these feelings sitting in O’Hara Airport in Chicago waiting for a connecting flight to another city. These types of connections don’t happen sitting around a boardroom table for hours reviewing endless spreadsheets.

…and building relationships like these ones do not take place meeting with employees and customers through Zoom sessions on a computer.

We are in this business because we want to build positive relationships with fun, kind-hearted, good people. That’s it right there. It is those people who we want to go the extra mile for! 

The process and the build-up…

The interaction and the people…

The goodness, the satisfaction, and the kindness…

The fun and laughter…

The smiles.

We do it for every one of these reasons!

It’s that simple.