Our Culture

Quality + Passion + Execution + Fun + Kindness + Experience = A Formula For Success

When we set out to launch Mulberry’s Oven, the #1 thing that we centered everything that we do was around the people - the relationships that we build with our partners, the interaction and camaraderie with our customers, and the quality of the people that we have on our team.

From some of the experienced professionals who worked with Ella’s Oven for so many years, to a collection of young kids between 14 to 17 years old, to local people who grew up in Newmarket, we are so blessed to have an incredible mix of people that make up our team at Mulberry’s.

Tim published a quote that has been viewed and shared well over a million times on LinkedIn alone. It goes like this:

“An organization’s biggest fear should be when their most passionate people become quiet.”

It’s true.

Passion and EVERYONE having a voice are two of the most important things that we foster with the people that we have on our Mulberry’s team!

We want to make sure that every person on our team has the opportunity to learn, grow, and be part of the success that our company has. It is important to us that we allow our people to ‘own’ each role that they play on our team. If they have a suggestion that will make things run more efficiently, we want to hear about it!

If one of our team members has an idea for a new combination of pizza toppings, a fun idea for a promotional event, or a foundation that they would like us to support, we believe it is important to say, “Let’s try it. You spearhead that project!”

One of the most rewarding feelings that the owners of a small business can have is when our people say, “I love coming here on Saturday mornings. Our team feels like family!”

Culture is such an important part of our organization!

What is the type of culture that we are building Mulberry’s around? It’s simple. Everyone needs to believe in these traits that are so important to us:

“Mulberry’s Oven was my first real job. Any nerves I had quickly went away in such a welcoming and supportive environment! 

Being trusted with more and more responsibilities and having my suggestions heard allowed me to stretch as a team member. I felt that I grew a lot as a person during my first season.

While we work hard, being part of the Mulberry’s team doesn’t feel like it is ‘just a job’…it feels like a family!”

Cameron Nemeth
Student, Newmarket High School


We are ‘all in’; when someone works with us, we want that person committed to our vision.

As Founders, it’s important for us to be transparent in our approach to building Mulberry’s. The character of our people is at the top of our list of priorities in how we shape our team.


We can only build a business built on efficiency and effectiveness if we execute every task well. That takes everyone working together!

Great teams are built around everyone feeling that they play an important role - that they matter, and that what they do contributes to our brand being successful.

We are appreciative that Mulberry’s is made up of people who step up and have each other’s back. Everyone cares for one another; that is something that we are very proud of!


It is important for us to have people on our team that realize the importance of being a part of the community. That means much more than simply setting up at the Newmarket Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings.

When we bought the company, there were opportunities to take the ‘big copper oven’ to other communities to set up our home base. While we listened to those opportunities, it was clear: Newmarket was where we wanted to be…period!

A big reason we launched Mulberry’s was to work with our community. This is home. It is a community that welcomes and encourages diversity and inclusiveness, and the residents have consistently demonstrated empathy, kindness, and the importance of giving back.

Ove the years, our community has shown steady, healthy growth, while keeping so many of the important characteristics and traditions that make it a desirable place to invest in.

The people make a community feel like home. That is exactly why we wanted to keep Mulberry’s right here!

“Not only does Mulberry's Oven make the absolute best pizza in town, they are a proactive, caring, community- minded business who pay it forward, supporting numerous charities throughout the area."
Al & Sandra Noble
Newmarket Residents


If we could only pick one trait that we were known for in our community, it would be kindness.

These days, so many people are so consumed with the daily pressures of our personal and professional lives. It is easy to find ourselves spreading ourselves too thin.

We did not get into this business to become millionaires by expanding and scaling up to have multiple locations. No, that was never in our plans. Our goal has always been to be a bigger part of a smaller area; that allows us to be present, and make a meaningful impact.

Meeting new people, making meaningful connections, and being people who demonstrate authentic kindness toward others is something that is at the forefront of everything that we do. Kindness is only present because people make it happen. Let’s make it happen together!

“Mulberry’s Oven is exactly the type of community partner that we need to be able to do what we do. As a small, local business, they have confirmed the truth in saying that, “If we each do a little, together, we will all do a lot.”

Kirk Bowden
Chair, Newmarket Food Pantry


We make great wood oven pizza. Our setup is often referred to as an ‘outdoor restaurant’ and a ‘finely-tuned machine’. We appreciate that. It involves a lot of hard work. There is one thing that is a priority and that is that we all have fun!

We got into this business with the mindset of creating an experience that made sure our customers and team members had fun. While we accomplished this goal in our first year, we are very excited to unveil some great things to make sure that we all have even more fun in the years ahead.

“At the Royal Canadian Legion, the goal is to support our veterans as much as possible. We were so grateful when the team at Mulberry’s reached out and wanted to support us. It was clear how popular their pizza was by the turnout of people and the smiles on the customers faces!”

Crystal Cook
District Commander, Royal Canadian Legion