The first group of guests begin making their way over to the registration area to check in for your annual corporate golf event. After doing a quick mental checklist in your head, you realize that you and your teammates are ready to go!

After getting your first foursome checked in, you lift up your head and see a wave of people coming toward you…and you can see the look of excitement on each one of the golfer’s faces.

As your guests gather their things and step away from the registration table, that incredible smell of burning wood permeates through the air and draws them over to a big copper oven.  The Head Chef of Mulberry’s Oven pulls a sizzling hot Breakfast Pizza out of the oven.  Heads turn.

What a way to start the day!

"I pay attention to details and processes. I am very impressed at how well the team at Mulberry’s runs their operation. They run their business like it a finely-tuned machine.

It is no surprise that Mulberry’s has seen their golf tournament and corporate event business grow the way that it has!”

Tom Nemeth
Director of Sales & Business Development, Trapeze Group


Your guests come off the 7th green and begin heading over to Hole #8 - a Par 3 over water that is sure to provide a true test of their abilities.

As they drive up in their carts, they notice another group is still waiting to tee off. They expected a delay; they know these tournaments are almost always are backed up on the shorter holes. But hey, they are not in a hurry, right?

As they get out of their carts, they see the Mulberry’s tent and the big copper oven…and there is that smell of another fresh Margherita pizza coming out of the oven for them. As they take their personalized pizzas and sit down on the Mulberry’s customized Muskoka chairs, they hear music playing  and recognize their favourite song from the 80’s playlist.

As they are eating, they all start making bets about who will win the quick trivia contest that the Mulberry’s host is challenging them on. Suddenly, they break from answering questions and in unison, they begin singing Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

They are now each playing a role in ‘the band’; a Taylormade driver doubles as an acoustic guitar, a Ping iron makes a great electric guitar, and a Scotty Cameron putter makes the perfect microphone.

Before they know it, it’s time to tee it up to tackle the 8th hole.

So far, none of them have even talked about business. They have just taken time to get to know each other and talk about life.

Prior to the event, like event organizers often do, you worried about pairing certain people together...and now, they part of an air-guitar band! :)

Who knew that a group made up of senior executives and clients could lower their guard and have this much fun!

"The team at Mulberry’s is friendly, engaging, and they always look like they are having fun! And the pizza…awesome…it is SO good!”
Shona MacDonald
Speech-Language Pathologist, About Talk

Be Confident That The Mulberry’s Team 'Gets It'  

Having been a member of private golf clubs, played in hundreds of golf tournaments, and spent 7 years of his career working with organizations in the golf industry, Tim understands what separates ‘just another long day on the golf course’ from a FANTASTIC round…and a good tournament from a GREAT event!

While the setting for the event and the condition of the course is important, the overall experience that your guests have is absolutely critical! Why? Because a week, a month, even a year or so later, your guests may not remember what the condition of the golf course was that day, who won the tournament on that day, or what the prizes were like…but they WILL remember what kind of experience they had! GUARANTEED.

That reflects on your organization…on your brand…and on the people who organized the event.

The Mulberry’s team knows EXACTLY what it takes to help you make your event memorable for all the right reasons!

Mulberry’s can make your event exceptional and your company stand out. We know how to:

  • Entertain your guests

  • Help make your event run as efficiently as possible

  • Provide people with an incredible experience

  • Implement creative ideas that fill gaps during delaysRaise additional funds the charitable cause that your organization is supporting

  • Share a program to bring Mulberry’s to your event and have the cost covered

When you partner with Mulberry’s and have us come to your event, your organization will hear things like “simply awesome”, “so much fun”, “the best pizza I have ever tasted”, “very professional”, “they’d be great to hire for our next event.”

Listen for it. You WILL hear it said…we guarantee that too!

You want to work with a partner that allows you to breathe easier, focus on other things during the event, and have the confidence that your organization will be represented with excellence.