Private Functions

The Mulberry’s team has been invited to serve at some fantastic events in many different settings.

With the pressures and the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, so many of us are just looking to relax, have fun, reduce the ‘stuffy’ formalities, and connecting to spend time with great people and enjoy terrific conversations. 

While formal weddings have been a tradition for so many future newlyweds, that trend has changed over the past few years.

Engaging with Ketty and Tim made what we anticipated would be our most daunting task – feeding over 200 people - as one of the easiest and most fluid aspects of our entire event! 

From the warm, social, in-person meeting to start the process, right up until us sending “urgent”, last minute emails the night before, they were nothing less than professional, courteous, calm, and reassuring the entire time. 

No matter what came up, Tim always said, “Don’t worry…we’ve got your back!

As good as we felt about the process prior to the event, it was the actual unveiling of Mulberry’s Oven that evening that was a true show stopper. Their copper oven is a thing of beauty and was a conversation piece throughout the night!

Their setup was incredible – the kiosk, Adirondack chairs, and the ‘Little Italy’, café-style lighting – it all added so much ambiance, uniqueness, and to the WOW factor of our event. 

The response from our guests has been overwhelmingly positive. We would, unequivocally, recommend Mulberry’s to anyone considering hosting an event!

Ivy Vance & Barclay Crossley

Founders, Carpe Diem at Kennedy

The trend has now grown significantly towards more relaxed, casual gatherings, often where the official ceremony and reception are held outdoors at the same location.

It is the same thing for many corporate events! If an organization wants to attract great people, encourage them to stay, and galvanize a team so that its’ members work well together, that doesn’t happen with stuffy, formal, staunch events.

Teammates who work hard need to be allowed to breathe easier!

Great teams seldom ever come together in the boardroom. When they can lighten up and have some fun together, THAT is where the true bonding happens!


The wedding takes place on a private property with a beautiful setting. Following the ceremony, the newlywed couple have pictures taken while guests mingle and catch up with friends and family that they have not seen for some time.

Guests gather with the wedding party under the outdoor tent as cocktails are served and the laughs continue. Great music gets everyone in the mood as dinner is about to be served.

That is where Mulberry’s steps in.

Over the next while, delicious and sizzling wood-fired pizzas are served for everyone to enjoy. While they will be full, no doubt that some people will desire ‘seconds’, perhaps even trying a different kind of specialty pizza this time around!

After the main course, and as the speeches and toasts take place, Mulberry’s is busy quietly changing over their work station to set up for the mouth-watering desert pizzas that will be served near the end of the formalities.

After desert and the first dances take place, the music kicks up a notch and the party begins to complete a fantastic day of memories, laughs, lots of fun, and terrific food!

At TD Bank, we believe that our strength is our people.

We hired Mulberry’s Oven to come to our corporate offices to serve our team members for Employee Appreciation Day. Wow, what a great decision that was! Their attention to detail and follow up prior to, during, and after the event instilled the confidence in us that we could count on them for any type of function that we may hold.

The manner in which the Mulberry’s team showed up was very impressive! From their beautiful oven, to their professional setup, and the music they provided, they created an atmosphere that was perfect for what we wanted to achieve. Our employees had such a great time!

The food was terrific! Not only did everyone enjoy what Mulberry’s served, but it was common to hear people make comments like, “This is the best pizza that I have ever had!

We are pleased to have TD Bank give our highest recommendation of Mulberry’s Oven to anyone looking for someone to cater their corporate event.

Maddy Inamdar, CFA, CPA, CA

Senior Manager, TD Commercial Banking


So many people spend so much time going to and from work, on conference calls, in Zoom meetings, taking their kids to soccer or hockey practice, running errands, and dealing with day-to-day ‘life stuff’.

Too often, neighbours spend years living in a neighborhood and yet, seldom do they get the opportunity to actually get to know the people around them more than a cordial wave as they are pulling out the driveway.

…but great communities are built around wonderful people. The beautiful, yet sad part, is that too many times, neighbors come together after a tragedy has happened and a family needs help.

Life is meant to be enjoyed with people coming together…the laughing, kids playing, music, singing, dancing, getting to know each other better.

Community block parties for May 24th weekend, Canada Day, Labour Day weekend, or just a ‘regular Saturday in August’…THAT is what brings people together.

Mulberry’s is a perfect way to make people of all ages very happy! Not only does everyone get to bring the same delicious wood-fired pizza that they may have had at the Newmarket Farmers’ Market, but they also have the experience of watching their personal pizza being made right before their eyes.

This is ALWAYS a big hit, not only for the little kids but the big kids as well! 


Your best friend is having a milestone birthday. While you have attended birthday parties at fancy restaurants before, you are looking to create a setting and a mood where people can really let loose - singing, dancing, lots of laughs, and amazing food!

The band is booked, you already have the pool and the backyard ready, the order with the LCBO has been placed, and the guests have been invited.

How many times have you been to an event like this where none of the guests get to spend any time with the host? Most of the night, they are working behind the scenes to make sure that everything is just right for everyone else. That is no fun at all!

This is where the team at Mulberry’s can help you enjoy the evening with your family, friends, and neighbours…just as it was meant to be when you began planning for it.

When Mulberry’s sets up their ‘outdoor restaurant’, people are drawn to the big copper oven!

Guests are always amazed that it reaches up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit; they marvel that it takes less than 2 minutes to cook, and they become enamoured watching their pizza dough be rolled, shaped, flipped in the air, fresh toppings put on, and watching it come out of the oven bubbling hot!

At Mulberry’s, we pride ourselves not only on the fabulous taste of our pizza, but also on the professional presentation and set up that we bring to the events.

We love to interact with people, enjoy getting to meet perfect strangers, and are thrilled that we can make guests so happy from the moment they put Mulberry’s pizza in their mouths.

The big copper oven has been part of many private events celebrating special occasions over the past many years.

Events are what we do…and we do them very well!