Questions For The Client

What type of event are you having? Please tell us more about it.

We have done all kinds of events. Our goal is to find out as much as possible about your event. This allows us to pick up on small details and possibly incorporate them into our presentation. In the end, the more we know the better!

What is the date and time of your event? How many people will attend? What portion will be guests versus staff/hosts?

Of course, some of these details are just covering off the basics. Getting to know the breakdown of people will help us with matching our vibe with yours on event day.

Where will the event be held? Please tell us about the location.

We like to get to know the surroundings as much as possible. This not only allows us to prepare, but it also gives us the opportunity to understand things like temperature, proximity, how much time we may need to get there, and the overall setting/vibe.

What are your goals? What are you trying to accomplish?

This is the most important question that we ask! To deliver our very best results for you, we need to know what you are trying to achieve with the event.

Is there a specific theme for your event?

Again, the more that we know, the better prepared we can be. For example, if your event is built around a western theme, we will try to dress accordingly, designate our special pizza around that theme, and include a playlist around western songs.

Will there be any activities taking place prior to or after this event?

Sometimes we serve guests right after they have come out of formal meetings that are more serious. On other occasions, guests are mingling and drinking alcohol for a few hours prior to us serving pizzas. How we show up and adjust to the tone matters! We will adapt to the setting. When we interact with your guests, we will be prepared. 

What time can the Mulberry’s team arrive for set up prior to the event?

We need to have this arranged before the event. The oven takes the same time to bring up to the optimal temperature, whether we are serving 50 guests at a backyard 50th birthday party or a corporate sales conference lunch for 250 people. Any unexpected delay in us setting up impacts the time that we can begin serving.

Can the Mulberry’s team arrange for a site inspection 1 month prior to the event date?

Setting this up well in advance allows us to prepare for where we will be driving in, setting up, serving, and how easy it is to get in and out when it gets dark.

What will the setup be for your event?

The Mulberry’s team can really work with any set up. We ask the question simply because the more information, the better. Communication is everything!


Will you have an event tent?
Where will you have us positioned?
Is your set up compact or spread out?

Will there be entertainment at your event?

Knowing the type of entertainment that you will have helps us to determine the vibe that you are hoping to create. We will take note of this and create our presentation accordingly.

Are there any formalities planned for your event i.e. speeches, presentations, tributes?

Understanding this helps to map out how and when we go about our business. It gives us an idea of the tone that will be present at certain points of the event.

What will be the format of your event in terms of time breakdown?

This will give us an idea of the pace that we will go throughout the event. With many of the events that we are asked to attend, the pace will go through ebbs and flows, and a ‘hurry-up-and-wait’ pace. We will pace our timing accordingly and know when to deliver the way you require us to. Our goal is to make things easier for you as the event organizer!

What are the demographics of your guests?

We like to get an overall profile of the people who will attend your event. This allows us to tailor the music that we play, special things that we may be able to work in, and other things that help us capture the small details that can help add to the experience of your guests.


Will there be children at your event?
Will this be a younger or more senior guest list?
Is there a specific cultural focus?