A New Beginning

Tim McClure has been a Newmarket resident for over 40 years.

From the first year that Ella’s Oven opened at the Newmarket Farmers’ Market, regardless of what Tim had planned for the day, Saturday mornings meant one thing - a visit to the market was a must, JUST for the amazing pizza!

Rain or shine, Tim couldn’t wait to get the wood oven pizza that he CRAVED so much. Every Saturday, he always bought one to eat there and another one to take home for later.

Given Tim’s professional background, the business that Rob, Theresa, and their family had built really impressed him!

He was intrigued by the process, the execution, the simplicity of the product, yet the hard work and personal care that went into making every pizza. He enjoyed the atmosphere that the Ella’s Oven team created, and could feel the vibe through the genuine kindness, fun, joy, and the smiles on the faces of their customers.

“I would pick up my pizza, sit down on a bench in Riverwalk Commons, and just take in the action, feel the buzz, and experience the happiness and the vibe around Ella’s Oven!”, says Tim.

“From Theresa and the team making the pizzas, to Rob working the oven, to Henry greeting everyone at the front desk...I wanted to be part of something just like that!”

Fast-forward a few years later.

Most often in life, the very best things that happen to us are the result of us having the courage to ask for it to happen. 

After all, if we want to meet a person, why not ask to get together with them? If we want to create a partnership with someone, why don't we just ask them if they are interested? We will never know what is possible unless we ask.

…and that is exactly what they did!

In 2020, Tim sent an email to Rob and Theresa to let them know that whenever they were ready to move on from the business…whether that be in 1 year or 5 years…he was interested in talking to them about taking it over. No hurry, just an inquiry.

Almost immediately, Rob indicated that our timing was perfect and that they were open to sell. Not long after, a deal was worked out…and the rest is history.

Part of the agreement was that the Ella’s Oven name would be kept for the first half of the 2021 season. After that point, a new brand would be launched.

On August 1st, 2021, Mulberry’s Oven was born.