Address: 200 Doug Duncan Drive
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 3Y9

Mulberry’s Oven sets up at the Newmarket Farmers’ Market on the following dates:

Saturday - 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
May 4th to October 26th (weather permitting)

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Newmarket Farmers’ Market

"The team at Mulberry’s go out of their way to make us feel special. My son loves to watch his pizza being made right in front of him, and when it comes out of the big copper oven, the look on his face is priceless! He eats TWO of them!”
Peter Villeneuve
Newmarket, Ontario

Every Saturday Morning from the first weekend in May to the last weekend in October, some of Ontario's most prominent farmers, vendors, and volunteers create a hive of activity reminiscent of the town’s early years as a new market. A place to buy farm fresh produce, home-made baking, hand-made crafts and a great place to meet up with friends over breakfast or lunch.

"Our family looks forward to going to the Newmarket Farmers’ Market to get pizza from Mulberry’s Oven…the date is already circled on the calendar…might be dreaming of flavours too! And the lineup? It’s okay…we’ll wait because it’s THAT good!”
Cynthia Frazier
Elementary School Teacher/Enseignante à l’élémentaire

“I had friends tell me that we had to get up to the market in Newmarket to try Mulberry’s pizza. We live in Vaughan and I had some free time one Saturday morning, so I drove up with my daughter. Outstanding!

The people are great and the experience is fun. We loved the pizza so much that now my daughter and I come every Saturday morning. It has become ‘our thing’ together!”

Vaughan, Ontario

Founded in 1999 as a revitalization initiative for Newmarket Historic Downtown, the market has thrived over the past 25 years as these facts will attest:

  • There is over 50 vendors throughout the season

  • The market has grown to welcome over 2,000 visitors every Saturday

  • The market is a regulated Farmers’ Market, following all health and safety protocols

"As a fellow vendor at the Newmarket Farmers Market, every Saturday I am greeted with the wonderful smell of smoke from the Mulberry's Pizza wood-fired oven.

The Mulberry's Team is friendly and goes out of their way to make every customer experience the best possible. And the pizza - where do I begin?! Fresh with a nice charred crust, and utterly delicious! It's the perfect finish to a long market day."

Rebecca Alton
Owner, Square Spoon

A big reason for the success of the Newmarket Farmers’ Market is the quality of the vendors.

Every one of our vendors must go through rigorous a screening process by the Board Of Directors to ensure that they meet the requirements and offer a great fit for the organization.

"The team at Mulberry’s Oven has been a real pleasure to work with and have at the market. Customers love the smell of the wood fired pizzas cooking, and the music and laughter around their booth brings a real energy. Their pizza is spectacular and that is obvious by the lineups and happy customers!”
Katy Bennett
Manager, Newmarket Farmers’ Market

The market has become a ‘must attend’ event every Saturday morning during the season. Many people book their weekend schedule around making sure they are able to go by Riverwalk Commons.

Attendees purchase their meat and vegetables, enjoy the music, arts and crafts, take part in the contests that are available to patrons, get their delicious fresh-made food for breakfast or lunch, and kids and parents can enjoy the splash pad.

The most important reason that so many people attend the Newmarket Farmers’ Market is that it is a break from our busy and hectic lives.

Our world is filled with so much ‘heavy-lifting’ and negativity. Coming to the market every Saturday is much-needed escape…an opportunity to experience simplicity, kindness, and a true sense of community. 

The Newmarket Farmers’ Market is open from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. located north of Fairy Lake, west of the railroad tracks, and east of Main Street in Riverwalk Commons Newmarket. You can find out more at

“Back in 2020, we learned from the owners of Ella’s Oven that they were selling the business. As the President of the Newmarket Farmers’ Market, that decision raised real concerns because they have been one of the cornerstones for so many years.

After getting to know the new owners and listening to their plans, it became apparent that they would become a significant asset to our community. When the market opened back up, they did not disappoint!

Week after week, the lineup for Mulberry’s pizza continued to get bigger and bigger."

Dave Cooper
Past President, Newmarket Farmers’ Market