At TD Bank, we believe that our strength is our people. 

We hired Mulberry’s Oven to come to our corporate offices to serve our team members for Employee Appreciation Day. Wow, what a great decision that was! Their attention to detail and follow up prior to, during, and after the event instilled the confidence in us that we could count on them for any type of function that we may hold.

The manner in which the Mulberry’s team showed up was very impressive! From their beautiful oven, to their professional setup, and the music they provided, they created an atmosphere that was perfect for what we wanted to achieve. Our employees had such a great time! 

The food was terrific! Not only did everyone enjoy what Mulberry’s served, but it was common to hear people make comments like, “This is the best pizza that I have ever had! 

We are pleased to have TD Bank give our highest recommendation of Mulberry’s Oven to anyone looking for someone to cater their corporate event.

Maddy Inamdar, CFA, CPA, CA

Senior Manager, TD Commercial Banking

“As someone who works in the corporate sector and has been involved in attending and sponsoring several events over the years, I can really appreciate just how important creating and delivering an authentic experience is.

Right from first time that I met Tim and the Mulberry’s Oven team, I could tell how passionate and professional they were about everything that they do!

Mulberry’s is the perfect company to have as a partner for team-building activities, customer appreciation lunches, and/or corporate golf tournaments. Oh, and their pizza is AMAZING!”

Sheri Sweetland
Vice President of Client Engagement, PTC Recruiting

In today’s business environment, the bidding for the attention and time of clients and employees has never been more competitive. If corporations are going to attract great people, they need to ‘break the mold’ on the events that they ask them to attend. Give people a reason to want to go!

The team at Mulberry’s Oven get it! Why? Because they have lived the corporate life! For event planners, Mulberry’s is a DREAM to work with because they have every detail covered. They are fun, engaging, create a terrific atmosphere, and their pizza is amazing!”

Spencer Ramsey

Co-Founder, RiLax Event Management Services

Engaging with Ketty and Tim made what we anticipated would be our most daunting task – feeding over 200 people - as one of the easiest and most fluid aspects of our entire event! 

From the warm, social, in-person meeting to start the process, right up until us sending “urgent”, last minute emails the night before, they were nothing less than professional, courteous, calm, and reassuring the entire time. 

No matter what came up, Tim always said, “Don’t worry…we’ve got your back!

As good as we felt about the process prior to the event, it was the actual unveiling of Mulberry’s Oven that evening that was a true show stopper. Their copper oven is a thing of beauty and was a conversation piece throughout the night!

Their setup was incredible – the kiosk, Adirondack chairs, and the ‘Little Italy’, café-style lighting – it all added so much ambiance, uniqueness, and to the WOW factor of our event. 

The response from our guests has been overwhelmingly positive. We would, unequivocally, recommend Mulberry’s to anyone considering hosting an event!

Ivy Vance & Barclay Crossley

Founders, Carpe Diem at Kennedy

As a business professional, the corporate life can get very busy for us all! I enjoy going for long rides on my bike, especially on Saturday mornings, to unwind from the week. At the end of those rides, I look for great food to help fuel my body and replenish my energy.

I came across Mulberry’s Oven at the Newmarket Farmers’ Market and gave their pizza a try. Wow…it was awesome! When I found out they were also at Old Flame on Fridays and Saturdays, that became the perfect spot for me to kick back to enjoy some live music, great beer, and Mulberry’s pizza.”

John-Paul Dowson
Director of Strategic Consulting & Policy Research, PDCI Market Access Inc.

“I have the privilege of traveling to many countries in my professional career. One of the things that this allows me to do is to try different foods from some great restaurants. I have had the opportunity to enjoy pizza in cities all over the world, including Venice, Rome, and Dubai.

Mulberry’s is only 10 minutes from my home and their pizza is some of the very best that I have ever had. I absolutely LOVE it!”

Shari MacDonald
In Flight, Air Canada

“My wife and I make it a point to get to the market every Saturday for Mulberry’s pizza. In fact, we set our schedule around making it there in time before they are sold out!

I pay attention to details and processes. I am very impressed at how well the team at Mulberry’s runs their operation. They run their business like a finely-tuned machine.

It is no surprise that Mulberry’s has seen their golf tournament and corporate event business grow the way that it has!”

Tom Nemeth
Director of Sales & Business Development, Trapeze Group

“I have worked in the corporate sector for many years and been fortunate to attend several golf tournaments, customer appreciation events, and employee celebrations. Mulberry’s does such a great job in every aspect of their business!

Their pizza is second to none, the passion for what they do is evident, and the focus that they put on details, engagement, and customer service is outstanding. And that setup…wow! This is as professional as any restaurant, yet comes with the fun and interaction that formal settings seldom have.

I am recommending Mulberry’s Oven to all of me corporate contacts. They are that good!”

Pennie Pride
Business Communications Consultant, Data Communications Management

“We are very excited to have Mulberry’s Oven as a partner of ours at Old Flame Brewing Co. in Newmarket. Our partnership with them is very important to us!

From the moment the snow starts to melt in the spring, we have people coming in to ask when Mulberry’s will be back for the season.

People are going to really enjoy the beer and pizza pairings that we are introducing for 2022. Mulberry’s wood fired pizza is fantastic and our customers love it!”

Ariana Laxdal
Manager, Old Flame Brewing Co.

“Our office is close by to Old Flame on Main St. in Newmarket; it has always been a great place for us to grab a beer after work. But then, along came Mulberry’s!

Once they partnered with Old Flame, being there for pizza after work at the end of the week became a MUST for our staff and clients. The people are a lot of fun and their pizza is fabulous!”

For this season, we have decided to enjoy some beer and pizza and refer to our office meetings as ‘Old Flame Fridays’. Love it...can't wait!"

Mike Cartwright
Broker, Main Street Realty Ltd.

"As a fellow vendor at the Newmarket Farmers Market, every Saturday I am greeted with the wonderful smell of smoke from the Mulberry's Pizza wood-fired oven.

The Mulberry's Team is friendly and goes out of their way to make every customer experience the best possible.

And the pizza - where do I begin?! Fresh with a nice charred crust, and utterly delicious! It's the perfect finish to a long market day."

Rebecca Alton
Owner, Square Spoon

“I enjoy taking my family to the local farmers market in Newmarket, which is where I first came across Mulberry’s. Their pizza is delicious, and it has become part of our Saturday routine. My kids love it! I found out they were also at Old Flame so I started to enjoy their pizza with a beer.

We are now developing a partnership between the Newmarket Soccer Club, Old Flame, and Mulberry’s Oven.

The Mulberry’s team not only make great pizza, but they are clearly invested in developing community relationships and forming strong partnerships within Newmarket.

Good people, great food, and community support…it doesn’t get much better than that!”

James Sewell
Club Head Coach, Newmarket Soccer Club

“Our family has been going to the Newmarket Farmers’ Market to buy pizzas from Ella’s Oven for many years. When we heard that they were selling the business, we really hoped that it would be taken over by someone who would keep it in Newmarket, and that the pizza would be just as good. Mulberry’s Oven has not disappointed us at all!

The team at Mulberry’s is friendly, engaging, and they always look like they are having fun! And the pizza…awesome…it is SO good!”

Shona MacDonald
Speech-Language Pathologist, About Talk

“Mulberry’s Oven was my first real job. Any nerves I had quickly went away in such a welcoming and supportive environment! Being trusted with more and more responsibilities and having my suggestions heard allowed me to stretch as a team member.

I felt that I grew a lot as a person during my first season. While we work hard, being part of the Mulberry’s team doesn’t feel like it is ‘just a job’…it feels like a family!”

Cameron Nemeth
Student, Newmarket High School

“Saturday mornings are some of my favourite times of the week because this is when I get to spend valuable dad/son time with my 10-year-old boy.

At that age, they are not always decisive on some things when it comes to eating, but I know EXACTLY what my little guy wants every Saturday from May to October – Mulberry’s pizza at the Newmarket Farmers’ Market!

The team at Mulberry’s go out of their way to make us feel special. My son loves to watch his pizza being made right in front of him, and when it comes out of the big copper oven, the look on his face is priceless! He eats TWO of them!”

Peter Villeneuve
Newmarket, Ontario

“Our family includes 2 teenagers who love to eat. Like what most parents experience, with busy sports schedules, getting everyone on the same page and in the same room can sometimes be a challenge…but not when it comes to Saturday mornings during the summer!

We all look forward to going to the Newmarket Farmers’ Market to get pizza from Mulberry’s Oven…the date is already circled on the calendar…might be dreaming of flavours too! And the lineup? It’s okay…we’ll wait because it’s THAT good!”

Cynthia Frazier
Elementary School Teacher/Enseignante à l’élémentaire

“As a local businessman who grew up in Newmarket, I have enjoyed going to the market for a long time. Now with 2 young kids, it has become our Saturday ‘thing’ to come down and enjoy supporting local vendors.

My boys are intrigued by watching their pizza get made and go into the big copper oven. We love Mulberry’s pizza!”

Darcy Toombs
Broker, Coldwell Banker

“I am involved in the event industry; we put together golf tournaments and events for corporations, associations, and charitable foundations. You can tell that Tim and Ketty have been involved in putting on a lot of events because they have this figured out to a ‘T’!

Mulberry’s has a great product, they are very professional, and the team understands the importance of the entertainment and engagement side very well. Watching them in action is so impressive!”

Toronto, Ontario

“We have been in the branding and marketing business for over 25 years. When we begin to work with a client, oftentimes they are not sure what they need in terms of marketing and branding. That was not the case with Mulberry’s Oven!

Their leadership team had a crystal-clear vision of what they needed and where they wanted to go; they just needed help figuring out how to get there. That’s where our team at Alive Pro Studios came in.

Mulberry’s is destined for so many great things! We are amazed at how far this company has come in such a short time.

Buckle up and fasten your seatbelts because this is going to be an exciting ride!”

Javad Ahmadi
President, Alive Pro Studios

“Not only does Mulberry's Oven make the absolute best pizza in town, they are a proactive, caring, community- minded business who pay it forward, supporting numerous charities throughout the area. Great staff, great atmosphere and amazing old school Rock and Roll music that puts you in an amazing frame of mind!

For a culinary experience that will keep you coming back again and again, we strongly recommend that you give them a try.”

Al & Sandra Noble
Newmarket Residents

“My position as Manager for the Newmarket Farmers’ Market involves working with all of the vendors and volunteers, and making sure things run smoothly for our customers. The team at Mulberry’s Oven has been a real pleasure to work with and have at the market.

Customers love the smell of the wood fired pizzas cooking, and the music and laughter around their booth brings a real energy. Their pizza is spectacular and that is obvious by the lineups and happy customers!”

Katy Bennett
Manager, Newmarket Farmers’ Market

“I first had Mulberry’s pizza while I was taking a quick break to eat at the Newmarket Farmer’s Market. It was terrific! My company makes homemade sauces and Mulberry’s wanted to try it on their pizzas. The combination turned out to be a big hit!

I appreciate the relationship that we have built with Mulberry’s Oven. What I like about them is that they work hard, are willing to try new things, and they take a creative approach to their business. Most important, they are really good people!”

Carlos Ampa
Owner, Cheftacular

“I just came back from Italy after being there for 3 weeks on business. I was all over the country! I love pizza and had it in some of the most popular Italian restaurants, as well as local, family-run cafes.

By chance, I popped in for a quick beer at Old Flame with some business colleagues and had some pizza. Mulberry’s pizza is as good as ANY pizza that I have had anywhere in Italy. It really is!”


Oakville, Ontario

“We really enjoy Old Flame Brewery in Newmarket. It’s a fun place to spend a Friday evening or weekend chilling with a variety of great tasting beers, live music while enjoying a pizza from Mulberry’s Oven.

Being longtime “foodies”, my wife and I immediately fell in love with their wood fired pizza – some of the best that we’ve ever had! We now plan our visits to Old Flame around the Mulberry’s Oven schedule.”

Craig Streicher
President & CEO, Onico Solutions

“I had friends tell me that we had to get up to the market in Newmarket to try Mulberry’s pizza. We live in Vaughan and I had some free time one Saturday morning, so I drove up with my daughter. Outstanding!

The people are great and the experience is fun. We loved the pizza so much that now my daughter and I come every Saturday morning. It has become ‘our thing’ together!”

Vaughan, Ontario

“At the Royal Canadian Legion, the goal is to support our veterans as much as possible. We were so grateful when the people at Mulberry’s reached out and wanted to support us.

It was clear how popular their pizza was by the turnout of people and the smiles on the customers faces!”

Crystal Cook
District Commander, Royal Canadian Legion

“Back in 2020, we learned from the owners of Ella’s Oven that they were selling the business. As the President of the Newmarket Farmers’ Market, that decision raised real concerns because they have been one of the cornerstones for so many years.

After getting to know the new owners and listening to their plans, it became apparent that they would become a significant asset to our community. When the market opened back up, they did not disappoint! Week after week throughout the season, the lineup for Mulberry’s pizza continued to get bigger and bigger."

Dave Cooper
Past President, Newmarket Farmers’ Market