Mulberry’s Wood Fired Pizza

When we took over the business from Rob and Theresa, the one thing that we said was, “We are not going to change the pizza!” For 11 years, Ella’s Oven was always lined up because people LOVED their pizza. So, why change it, right?

Mulberry’s makes a Neapolitan-style pizza that has a very thin and crispy crust, with a delicate, crunchy outer rim and is baked in our oven for 90 - 120 seconds.

There are those small details that simply cannot be learned through watching YouTube videos and reading cookbooks. It takes someone growing up with it, being in the kitchen from a young age, and actually making pizza – formulating the dough, making the sauce, understanding the perfect combination of ingredient - to truly represent the craft of making the very best pizza.

Ketty ‘gets it’!

"I came across Mulberry’s Oven at the Newmarket Farmers’ Market and gave their pizza a try. Wow…it was awesome!

When I found out they were at Old Flame on Fridays and Saturdays, it became a perfect spot for me to kick back to enjoy some live music, great beer, and Mulberry’s pizza.”

John-Paul Dowson
Director of Strategic Consulting & Policy Research, PDCI Market Access Inc.

Given the strong Italian heritage that Ketty has inherited from her family over decades of making pizzas from scratch, we are blessed to be able to offer our customers the authenticity and attention to detail that we strive for.

At Mulberry’s, we pride ourselves on the many valuable partnerships that we have built.

Not only do we work with the best-in-class suppliers based the consistency and quality of their product, we are blessed to have formed relationships with great people. Every single time, they exceed our expectations.

We work with a variety of local farmers for our meat, eggs, vegetables, and fruit. Often times, we take delivery of fresh-picked produce during the morning of the market, prepare it in our booth, and use these ingredients on your pizza!

When your Mulberry’s pizza comes out of oven, you are getting an authentic farm-to-table experience!

“I have the privilege of traveling to many countries in my professional career. One of the things that this allows me to do is to try different foods from some great restaurants. I've had an opportunity to enjoy pizza in so many cities all over the world, including Venice, Rome, and Dubai.

Mulberry’s is only 10 minutes from my home and their pizza is some of the very best that I have ever had. I absolutely LOVE it!”

Shari MacDonald
In Flight, Air Canada

We offer 3 standard pizzas – Cheese, Pepperoni, and Margherita. At the Newmarket Farmers’ Market and for corporate and golf events that take place early in the day, we also offer Mulberry’s famous Breakfast Pizza – a favourite among regular market customers who often get there early before it sells out before 10:00 a.m.

Every week, Mulberry’s features a Market Special that is offered only once a season. It changes every week and features some favorite combinations, as well as new and unique mixtures of ingredients that customers may have not seen before.

Originality is our forte. Our customers enjoy some creative and unique combinations that consistenly provide an incredible taste!

Mulberry’s burns hardwood - maple and oak - that allows the oven to reach temperatures of over 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Our ‘big copper oven’, as many people refer to it, weighs approximately 5,000 lbs.

To properly prepare for an event, it takes us over 3 hours to bring the oven up to a level that will allow us to cook up to 6 pizzas at a time. From the time it goes in to when it is taken out of the oven, your pizza will take between 60-90 seconds to cook. 

We love seeing the look in the customer’s eyes as they watch the process from start to finish! 

They watch their dough being kneaded, formed and flipped, toppings being put on, their pizza going into the oven, seeing it before their eyes, smelling the wood burning, watching it sizzle as it comes out after cooking.

The anticipation of them taking that first bite, the smile on their face, the excitement and satisfaction...PRICELESS!