How much time does the Mulberry’s team require to set up and tear down at the event?

The ‘big copper oven’ takes 3 hours of feeding it with wood to get it up to the temperature that we require to produce the maximum output. While it is heating up, the team sets up the rest of the presentation. 

Ideally, we would like to arrive 3 hours prior to the time that the first pizza is served. Often we will do 2 events on the same date. If we are coming from an earlier event, the oven is still hot and we would only require 1.5 hours to set up. It takes the Mulberry’s team 1 hour to tear down and leave the venue.  

What happens if an event cannot take place due to poor weather conditions?

There is nothing our Mulberry’s team looks forward to more than event day! Unfortunately, from time to time, there are going to be days that get postponed due to inclement weather. None of us can control that. 

We have a large tent, along with a matching umbrella to keep our team dry and able to continue producing delicious, sizzling hot pizzas. Of course, this is providing that the weather conditions do not put our people in danger.

If the event needs to be cancelled on that date, we will work closely with you and your team to reschedule to a date that is mutually agreeable for both parties.

Can our guests take any pizza home with them at the end of the event?

Based on the forecasted numbers that we agree on, traditionally we bring 5% - 10% in additional supplies. If we have any ingredients left, we are more than happy to make them and provide pizzas for you or your guests to take home with you. 

What is the process leading up to the date of the event?

No matter what type of event you are having, we follow a plan that has worked well:

  • After the initial conversation and the 50% deposit is received to book the date, a brief questionnaire is sent. You are asked to confirm/fill in the details based on what was agreed on.

  • We set a date that a member of the Mulberry’s team can come out to have a quick site inspection. This should take place no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. Often it takes less than 30 minutes and just gives us a visual of what we are working with to avoid any surprises or obstacles that get in the way on event day.

  • Prior to or during that site visit, the remaining 50% deposit is due to be paid.

  • No later than 7 days prior to the event, Mulberry’s needs to receive confirmation on the number of guests. If this number is 10% or more from the agreed upon number, a surcharge will apply. See details under Terms & Conditions.

  • The Mulberry’s team will correspond with the event organizer within 48 hours of the event. This is meant as a simple check-in. Given that event organizers are often very busy leading up to the big day, we often connect by email, but will always make ourselves available by phone.

  • The Mulberry’s team arrives at the venue to set up 3 hours prior to the start of the festivities on event day.

What does Mulberry’s require from us on the day of the event?

The Mulberry’s team will show up dressed professionally in matching outfits. For golf, corporate, and private parties, our team will be dressed in either buttoned down or golf shirts, as well as matching pants. 

Our truck, event tent, umbrella, chairs, tables, and accessories all come together to make up a professional presentation. 

What does Mulberry’s include in the service that they provide?

The cost for Mulberry’s to serve your guests includes:

  • Travel to the event, set up, tear down
  • Four (4) hours of preparing, cooking, and serving
  • All paper plates and napkins
  • Condiments to add to the pizzas
  • All food as agreed on in the contract

The following items are available for an additional charge, as noted below:

  • Request to stay additional time = $500/hour
  • Refreshments (water, pop, juice) = Based on quantity and selection required

Which type of pizzas will Mulberry’s serve at our event?

Mulberry’s offers a choice of 4 of our core styles of pizzas – Cheese, Pepperoni, Margherita; for events that begin in the morning (i.e. golf tournaments, corporate) we offer Mulberry’s famous Breakfast Pizza.

To add to these core pizzas, Mulberry’s has a menu of over 50 ‘specialty’ pizzas. Depending on the package that you require for your event, this will determine the breakdown that works best to allow our team to be able to serve your guests as efficiently as possible.

If we want something that is not on the menu, will Mulberry’s provide this for our event?

If you require anything other than the 50 + styles of pizza that Mulberry’s offers, of course we will make every effort to meet your needs. Depending on the type of request, there may be an additional surcharge.

If there are guests with special diet requirements, what can Mulberry’s offer?

Providing that we know ahead of time, we may be able to accommodate special requests. We ask that this be discussed no later than 4 weeks prior to the event date.

Traditionally, we do not offer gluten free products. This requires a completely different set up for safety reasons. Because we are preparing so many pizzas in a short amount of time, the risk of ingredients being improperly distributed to certain guests is possible. For example, we would feel awful if a guest with celiac disease received the wrong pizza in the middle of serving 300 pizzas.

Based on the breakdown of guests attending your event, we will consider making special exceptions and will consider the number of people that may require any special requests.

These strict guidelines are 100% in place for precautionary reasons.

How many pizzas can Mulberry’s serve at an event?

On average, the Mulberry’s team can produce between 50-60 pizzas in an hour. This number will vary based on the styles of pizzas that are chosen.


An event that runs over the course of 4 hours produces 200-240 pizzas. This number increases if the time frame extends and desert pizzas are served after the initial servings.

In an 18-hole golf tournament of 144 golfers, volunteers, sponsors, and other staff makes it easier to produce more pizzas simply because the time frame is spread out.

What is the process if we require desert pizzas after our main course?

The Mulberry’s team will produce their initial offering of pizzas. Following a brief cleanup and replenishment of ingredients for incredible desert pizzas, these can be served between 30-45 minutes following the main course.

Most events prefer a break for mingling, speeches, and presentations, so history tells us that this timeframe works perfectly.

What happens if we would like Mulberry’s to stay extra hours?

Often times at private functions, guests don’t want us to leave. That is a good thing! If you require us to stay longer, there will be an additional charge of $500 per hour.

Does Mulberry’s have any extra hidden fees?

We always have fun when we have been asked this question because we say this, “Well, if additional costs are listed on our website, they are not hidden are they?” 

We are NOT in the business of putting additional costs on to what was agreed on. I know that we don’t like it when a supplier does that to us, so we would not do that to you!

Additional costs will be determined by the event organizer. In other words, if we are asked to stay longer and our schedule allows for it, we will do that for a set fee that has been outlined. Conversely, if Mulberry’s has ingredients left over that can produce ‘25’ more pizzas that you or your guest/volunteers/staff can take home, we do not charge you for that. 

How does Mulberry’s manage guest count changes that may occur prior to the event?

We will communicate with you within 1 week of the event.

We buy all of our supplies and make our ingredients fresh, so it is imperative that we have a ‘guesstimate’ that is as close as possible. Of course, when we check in with you again 48 hours prior to your event, we can try and make any adjustments that may be necessary. 

What does Mulberry’s require to book the date for our event?

Following our initial conversation, we require a 50% deposit, along with the signed agreement confirming that the details that we have agreed on.  

After we have chosen our menu options, can we make any changes?

We are in the business of making you happy, so the short answer is, "Yes, of course!"

Similar to how we handle changes to the numbers, we will try to accommodate any changes that you may require. This, of course, is assuming that the timing of making the changes allows us to make them in an efficient manner.

What happens if we need to change the date of our event? What is Mulberry’s cancelation policy?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances happen. Mulberry’s will make every effort to work with the event organizer to be part of the new event date. We will provide a list of dates that Mulberry’s is open and will give you ‘first right of refusal’ on those open dates.

What does Mulberry’s require from us in order to execute the event and make it a HUGE success?

The most important element to making any event a success is excellent communication!  We plan everything well in advance, however we understand that tweaks and changes may come up.

If we have worked closely together and communicated well, we will cover 99% of what needs to be executed. That will allow us to pivot or react to the 1% that 'may' happen to come up as the event date gets closer.